Do you have a school you’re proud of? Are your students a reflection of your school values? Do you want to showcase your schools and students unique personalities?

An online interactive tour could be the best way to showcase it. Filmed and designed by our local Adelaide team, to help take your community on a tour of what makes your school special. The team work with staff and students to come up with the content.

Did you know we are the same team from Education Web Solution (EWS)? That’s right, you’re in safe hands with us! We’ve built over 200 Department for Education school websites and Government sites.


Student guided tour

Our videographers and photographers will come on site and colalborate with your students to create custom video tours

User friendly

Users can guide themselves
through the tour using the map and customisable icons

Website Integration

Integrate with your website and
customise the infomation for the tour


The Library


School Gym


Music and Arts Centre



No copy rights on the media. Use the video and photography for other purposes.



The TourED app is mobile friendly and custom designed for each site.

Clean & Elegant

We keep the look clean and elegant. Our designers will work with in your style guide.


Use your schools colour and style guide through out video and page.

Easy to use

Designed to be userfriendly. The page loads fast and videos are streamed.

Videos & images included

Videos and image are taken and edited by our friendly and profressional staff. 

Showcase Your School
& Students

Student involvement is more than welcome and makes them stand out. From planning the areas, writing the lines and starring in the tours. This gives a real authentic feel and shows how much the students love their school.

Showcase your school and withouT breaking the budget



A lot of work goes on behind the scenes on setting up your TourED interactive tour.  We start by helping with the planning and collaborating with your school and students first hand, running the photo/video shoot and lastly designing and hosting the app


Stage 1. 

The team start with helping to plan the photo/video shoot and tour. Most schools like to get students involved to plan the tour and lines. 


Stage 2.

 Our team of experienced and talented photo/viedographers will come out for a 2/3 hour tour of your school. These images and videos can be used for other purposes. 


Design & Hosting

Stage 3.

 Each TourED is custom designed to fit with in your school style guide. The app can be integrated with your website. Hosting is on our advanced servers so that they load fast 


Why TourED

Who would benefit

New, current and potential students can take a guided tour. While Parents and carers can see what your school and lessons have to offer. It’s also a great way to see what has been upgraded or changed for past students. Staff and teachers love having the opportunity to showcase what happens in their class and how they utilise the space.


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